The Battle Between the Left and Right . . . brain that is. . .

My earliest memory of photography was sitting in my parent's basement, in the dark, with my Franken-Camera, a scuba fin, an eye dropper, several small camera flash units and a jar of milk.

Using equipment I found at an auction, namely an old lens bellows to move my lens farther from the camera (for major magnification) and some small flash units (for creating 1/15,000th second exposures), I managed to create beautiful stop-action close-up images of milk bouncing off of the old rubber fin.

I loved the textures and shapes the milk created and the cool geeky equipment.

An artist by nature, I was nevertheless encouraged (strongly encouraged) to get a degree in engineering, which I did from Purdue University. My engineering career served me well when I decided to switch full-time to photography and the creative arts.

Understanding light and the intricacies of Photoshop have enabled me to pursue the creative side of photography with confidence.

I believe that creativity requires both the deliberate, mathematical Left Brain, and the creative risk taking Right Brain.

In the end, photography equipment and computers are just the tools. The real product will always be creativity.

David Walker

Bravo! Studios, LLC